Better Health—Know how you’re doing between doctor visits

The benefits with A&D WellnessConnected are it’s easy to stay up-to-the-minute on your health and activity. Track your results and see real improvement in real time. Now, through a single app, you can monitor:

  • Blood pressure
  • Activity (steps, calories burned, heart rate)
  • Sleep patterns and quality
  • Weight

A Complete View of Your Health

Best of all, every one of these key health metrics is available through your A&D Connect App for iPhone or Android mobile devices. This “health dashboard” keeps you up-to-date on your current health and activity, and allows you to set goals for improving your results.

Easy to Set-up and Use

In addition, getting your readings requires almost no effort. The app is designed to provide a simple ‘User Experience’, guiding you with step-by-step instructions to make set-up quick and easy. A single touch pairs the app to any of our suite of devices—blood pressure measurement, activity monitor, and weight scale. Recording the measurement happens automatically.

It’s as simple as opening the app, pressing one button for a blood pressure monitor reading, syncing the activity monitor data, or simply stepping on the scale. There’s no need to record your measurement in a log book, synch with a PC or deal with cumbersome wires or device docking. Your data is instantly transmitted via Bluetooth Smart™ directly to your smart mobile device for you to view.

Share Your Progress

Once you’ve set yourself up with WellnessConnected, you can set your target weight, blood pressure, activity level, sleep hours, and more. The A&D Connect app shows your progress towards these goals, and lets you share your results across all of your mobile devices; via social media or email with your loved ones—or with your trusted health professionals.

On Track to Better Health

With self-tracking and setting personal goals, you can put yourself on a path to better health. View your progress on any of your mobile devices and you’ll soon feel a great sense of accomplishment. This is the real power of WellnessConnected—an affordable system that’s so simple to use, it’s easy to stay informed and feel healthier.

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