A&D Connect App

A&D Connect helps you better understand your health.

With all the features of more expensive devices, it just takes one touch to get an instant, accurate blood pressure measurement—and to send it to your A&D Connect app, as well.

With important features like 30-measurement memory recall, irregular heartbeat detection, and long battery life, it’s a great way to monitor and track your blood pressure.

And with WellnessConnected, you get connected right out-of-the-box. Graph, trend, average your results, multiple users and devices. Easy reporting to your doctor or family.

Improve Fitness

Count your steps, view your heart rate, and see how many calories you’re burning—then chart your progress over time, for great insight on your daily activity and how it impacts your health. A&D is partnering with Salutron to integrate and distribute the innovative LifeTrak family of activity monitors.

Lose Weight

A daily weight history quickly shows your progress towards your goal weight.

Monitor Blood Pressure

Manage your hypertension with ongoing blood pressure charts, including trending and reporting for your physician.

Share & Report

A&D Connect lets you share your results when you want to with loved ones, physicians or healthcare providers via secure email or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All it takes is to set-up a WellnessConnected cloud account and you’ll have control over what to keep private and what to share.

Mobile Device Support

A daily weight history quickly shows your progress towards your goal weight.

Apple Devices

  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Android Devices

Android support!
Requires Android 4.4 operating system or newer and Bluetooth Smart Ready® Device

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