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Don’t wait for the next doctor visit—take control of your health and feel better, now!

Now, all your important health info is in one place, WellnessConnected. WellnessConnected gives you a complete view of your health, so you can set goals and see your improvement, over time. The WellnessConnected system makes it possible. Lose weight, get in shape, monitor your blood pressure — all with one secure system from a trusted worldwide leader in connected health.

Improve Fitness

Track your daily activity and heart rate. Monitor your sleep patterns to get more active, improve your rest, and feel better.

Monitor Blood Pressure

Manage your hypertension with instant indication, trending, and the ability to share with your physician or family member.

Lose Weight

Track your calories burned, set goals and see your progress instantly with a daily weight history.

Share and Report

Share with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—through your own WellnessConnected account or a shared one for the family. Email your dashboard, graphs or raw data to keep medical professionals informed about how you’re doing between office visits.

Product Overview

One App for a Complete Suite of Products

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

The most technologically advanced upper arm blood pressure monitor available with the quality and accuracy of the LifeSource brand.
The product includes the most advanced features on the market while incorporating an ease of use that is unparalleled.

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Deluxe Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

Provides a rich set of features including 30-Memory Recall and irregular heart beat detection. WellnessConnected allows you to graph and trend your results over time with unlimited memory, and view hypertension risk. Supports multiple users and devices. Easy reporting to your doctor or family.

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Deluxe Connected Weight Scale

Easy to operate with Step-On Start and a class leading 450lb Capacity. WellnessConnected further unlocks the potential of your scale. Set goals, graph and trend your results over time with unlimited memory, with support for multiple users and devices. Easy reporting to your doctor or family.

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A&D Connect App

Provides at-a-glance results, goals, and trends through an easy-to-use, secure app – for you or your whole family.  The WellnessConnected account allows you to sync to multiple mobile devices.

Download Now

Download Now

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It’s Easy to Get Started with WellnessConnected

Just download the free A&D Connect app for your Apple or Android device, pair with one or more A&D WellnessConnected products, and you’re ready to start viewing your health metrics. Set-up is just that easy – right out-of-the-box.

Once you’re set up, monitor your progress every day, set goals for improvement, and track your results on your smartphone or tablet as you begin to feel better.

Set-up a free and secure WellnessConnected account to share how well you’re doing with your family and physician.

Trust the Leader In Connected Health and Biometric Measurement

A&D Medical, the worldwide leader in connected health and biometric measurement devices, now brings you WellnessConnected. It’s the first complete, connected health system with built-in sharing capabilities that offer both the simplicity and affordability to meet the needs of consumers; and also the security and precision demanded by healthcare providers.

After purchasing one of the connected devices, download the A&D Connect app for free to get started and then share your results with those you love and trust.

Here’s to better health!

Work with A&D WellnessConnected

Health providers, retailers, and partners, find out more about the benefits of working with A&D’s WellnessConnected platform.

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