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LifeSource by A&D Medical Awarded “Certificate of Excellence” from Hypertension Canada

LifeSource by A&D Medical Awarded “Certificate of Excellence” from Hypertension Canada

October 2019, Mississauga, Ontario – At the 2019 Canadian Hypertension Congress, Hypertension Canada awarded LifeSource by A&D Medical a “Certificate of Excellence” for their partnership in advancing hypertension awareness and blood pressure measurement accuracy.

Hypertension Canada’s “Certificate of Excellence” is presented in recognition of outstanding efforts and contributions in Canada towards increased awareness, prevention or control of hypertension. LifeSource by A&D Medical was recognized for their exemplary partnership in raising awareness in Canada with several programs over the past few years, including acting as the National Sponsor of the Hypertension Month Campaign and sending hypertension screening kits to over 1,500 pharmacies from coast to coast. The hypertension screening campaign urged millions of Canadians to measure their blood pressure using validated blood pressure measurement devices, reaching millions of Canadians last year.

“Our partnership with LifeSource has helped greatly to advance our goals of early high blood pressure detection and to spur effective management,” says Angelique Berg, CEO of Hypertension Canada. “This collaboration shows the power of charitable and industry partnerships reaching toward a greater aim – improved awareness, treatment and prolonged health for more Canadians.”

In addition, many LifeSource blood pressure devices are in Hypertension Canada’s recommendation program, designed to help consumers and professionals identify devices for home and office use that are proven accurate in clinical studies. LifeSource blood pressure monitors display the Hypertension Canada seal on all relevant products to ensure consumers can readily spot accurate devices at point of purchase.

“We are very honoured to receive this award and so proud of the team in Canada for their continued partnership with Hypertension Canada to increase the awareness of hypertension and assure that Canadians have access to accurate home blood pressure monitors,” stated Canadian General Manager, Jessica Nash.


About LifeSource by A&D Medical

A&D Medical is an expert in blood pressure measurement and a worldwide leader in connected health and biometric measurement devices and services for consumer wellness and chronic condition management.

Since 1977, A&D Medical has designed, manufactured and distributed a full line of advanced biometric monitoring solutions including blood pressure monitors, weight scales, activity monitors, and other health monitoring devices for consumer and professional use under the LifeSource by A&D Medical and the A&D Medical brands.

A&D Medical is a division of A&D Company, Limited, a global manufacturer of measurement equipment, with operations in Asia, Europe, Australia, Russia, North America, and South America.  A&D Medical (Americas) is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For general information about A&D Medical, please visit https://andmedical.com/. For information about LifeSource by A&D Medical in Canada, please visit https://lifesourcecanada.com/.

Contact info:
Name: Megan Kleckner
Organization: A&D Medical
Address: 6695 Millcreek Dr., Unit 6,
Mississauga, ON, Canada L5N 5R8
Phone: (408) 204-8276


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