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LifeSource by A&D Medical and mmHg Inc. Partner to Provide Cost Effective Cloud-based Hypertension Management Solution

LifeSource by A&D Medical and mmHg Inc. Partner to Provide Cost Effective Cloud-based Hypertension Management Solution

Toronto, ON and Edmonton AB, Canada – Sept 20, 2019 – LifeSource by A&D Medical and mmHg Inc. are pleased to announce the integration of LifeSource by A&D Medical’s professional and home blood pressure (BP) monitors with the Sphygmo telemonitoring software suite.  This home BP monitoring innovation is a cost-effective, cloud-based solution that is quick and easy for healthcare professionals and patients to set up and use.    Only three simple steps are required:

  • Patient downloads free Sphygmo Home App for Android or iOS and pairs it with a LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Patient links to healthcare provider
  • Healthcare provider accesses cloud-based portal to review BP measurements and performs rapid averaging to make management decisions

The two companies will partner together to promote the solution across the care continuum in Canada, which will help optimize BP management.  Seven and a half million people in Canada live with hypertension  and over 30% of them don’t have their hypertension under control.  High BP significantly increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, dementia, and kidney disease.  Home BP readings are more accurate than office readings and strongly endorsed by Canadian and international hypertension guidelines. These measurements can be used to make a more accurate diagnosis and, in many cases, reduce unnecessary antihypertensive treatment.

The program’s resulting combination of high-quality BP measurements in different care settings capitalizes on disruptive technology, and provides BP analytics to the healthcare professional, increasing their efficiency.  Accordingly, providers can easily identify and focus on uncontrolled patients in their practice and patients are better informed and more engaged, which ultimately leads to better BP control.

“This comprehensive solution of LifeSource by A&D Medical BP monitors and Sphygmo home software brings near real time transfer of BP measurements allowing for quicker and more accurate diagnosis and management of hypertension,” said Greg Lillegard, Medical Business Unit Manager at A&D Medical.

“We are proud to partner with LifeSource by A&D Medical to bring a state-of-the-art solution into the market and use technology to revolutionize BP management and allow patients to share BP measurements quickly and easily with their providers.  We are excited to debut our Swipe AveragingTM feature that enables rapid calculation of the mean BP, enabling proper use of home BP monitoring, including remote care delivery,” said Dr. Raj Padwal, CEO of mmHg Inc.


About LifeSource by A&D Medical 
A&D Medical is an expert in blood pressure measurement and a worldwide leader in connected health and biometric measurement devices and services for consumer wellness and chronic condition management.
Since 1977, A&D Medical has designed, manufactured and distributed a full line of advanced biometric monitoring solutions including blood pressure monitors, weight scales, activity monitors, and other health monitoring devices for consumer and professional use under the LifeSource by A&D Medical and the A&D Medical brands.

A&D Medical is a division of A&D Company, Limited, a global manufacturer of measurement equipment, with operations in Asia, Europe, Australia, Russia, North America, and South America.  A&D Medical (Americas) is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

For general information about A&D Medical, please visit www.andmedical.com.

A&D Medical Contact:
Megan Kleckner
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 408-204-8276

About mmHg Inc.

Founded in 2016, mmHg Inc. is a physician-led, university-based health technology startup company located in Edmonton, Canada that is creating broadly scalable solutions to optimize BP measurement and monitoring.  Company products are designed to be simple to use and help consumers, patients and providers follow best practices in hypertension care.  Data transmission and storage are encrypted and fully compliant with PIPEDA and HIPPA standards.

For general information about mmHg Inc, please visit mmHg.ca.

mmHG Inc Contact:
Peter Wood, COO
mmHg, Inc.; 5-134 Clinical Sciences Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2G3
E-mail: [email protected] Ph: 587-926-0440


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