//A&D Medical Products Used in [email protected] Telehealth Kits

A&D Medical Products Used in [email protected] Telehealth Kits

A&D Medical Products Used in [email protected] Telehealth Kits

Program designed to make monitoring chronic conditions easier for patients

SAN JOSE, Calif. – November 29, 2018  As patients with chronic conditions like hypertensions, diabetes, and COPD know, keeping up with doctor appointments can be a headache, especially if you have more than one condition.  This is why Mercy, one of the top five large US health systems, created the [email protected] program to provide remote care kits to help ease the burden of monitoring complicated medical conditions.

A&D Medical is honored to be selected as an equipment provider for the [email protected] program.  As can be seen in Mercy’s YouTube video below, an A&D Medical Bluetooth connected blood pressure monitor and weight scale is included in the kit to help monitor key health metrics.

When patients take their readings each day, the Mercy Virtual team is alerted to changes, or the patient may note that they don’t feel well.  This wireless communication allows patients and their providers to stay connected and adjust medication or other instructions as necessary.  Many patients also have regular virtual appointments with Mercy Virtual caregivers via the tablet in the kit.

So far, the team has seen great results.  According to Mercy’s medical director of ambulatory medicine, Dr. Gavin Helton, “Mercy’s Virtual Care Center, in collaboration with the traditional care team, has decreased unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room visits by 50 percent.  That’s a huge improvement in these patients’ quality of life. It means they’re feeling better and doing more of what they want.”

Watch the YouTube video below to see how A&D Medical is incorporated in the [email protected] Kits, or contact us to find out how A&D Medical can work with you to provide a custom solution within your system.


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