The next generation of upper arm blood pressure monitor

The most technologically advanced upper arm blood pressure monitor available with the quality and accuracy of the LifeSource brand. The product includes the most advanced features on the market while incorporating an ease of use that is unparalleled.

ULTRACONNECT is a smart blood pressure monitor that is free of any tubes or wires. First, all of the readings are transmitted seamlessly to your smart phone or device via our fee A&D Connect companion App. This allows you to easily track and trend your progress and share results with loved ones and healthcare providers. Second, the pump is integrated into the cuff, making this the lightest and smallest blood pressure monitor on the market. This unit is suited for everyday use, but also perfect for travel and on-the go due to its extreme portability.


  • Compact Design: All-in-One device makes it the smallest and lightest product on the market. This unit is perfect for getting readings on the go and for travel.
  • Smart Connect: The A&D Connect App automatically senses the presence of the monitor. No more complicated device pairing as with other connected blood pressure monitors. The ease of use of this device is unmatched.
  • Offline Mode: Blood pressure measurements can be taken without the phone and results will be displayed on-device screen. Measurements can be uploaded at a later time to account. This allows the flexibility to take a measurement at any time.


  • Multi User Capability: Allows up to 5 users and a guest. Allows seamless use by the entire family. Readings are automatically directed to the correct user account.
  • Correct Fit & Movement Sensors: Ensures that the cuff is positioned correctly and the arm remains still giving you an accurate reading every time.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection (IHB): Alerts the user to an irregular heartbeat that may require further consultation with their physician.
  • Extensive Memory: 100 readings per user on device, Unlimited storage via A&D Connect App. Ability to track and trend data and progress to see if you are reaching your goals
  • Wide Range Cuff: Cuff fits most users. 22 – 42cm