LifeSource Large Cuff Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The UA-767PCNLAC Fits 36 – 45cm Arms

The UA-767PCNLAC blood pressure monitor has undergone and passed a Clinical Validation study to determine the performance and accuracy. This monitor is clinically validated according to the British Hypertension Society (BHS) standard.

The BHS is the most prestigious international blood pressure organization. The published study was performed by a reviewing committee consisting of physicians and/or nurses. Among blood pressure manufacturers, A&D Medical is proud to have the highest number of Clinically Validated monitors with a positive recommendation from professionals that are available to consumers.


  • Recommended by Hypertension Canada, clinically validated for accuracy
  • Large upper arm cuff fits 36 – 45cm (14.2″ – 17.7″)
  • Stores 90 readings in memory with date/time stamp


  • One-button operation with large, easy-to-read screen
  • 5 year monitor warranty / 2 year warranty on the small cuff