Blood Pressure Monitor (Validated)

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Multi-User Blood Pressure Monitor
The UA-767Fam series are
4 users for family use.
Each memory bank stores 60 readings.


Talking Blood Pressure Monitor
The UA-1030TCN improves upon all of the innovations A&D Medical has created over its 30+ year history


One Touch Automatic A clean, easy-to-use form blood pressure monitor with 30 memory recall. The LifeSource UA-651CN blood pressure monitor is packed with added features.


Deluxe Connected Blood Pressure Monitor Just one touch is all it takes to get an instant, accurate blood pressure measurement. With all the features of more…


Quick Response with EasyFit™ Cuff Easy-Fit™ Cuff, an innovative cuff that instantly fits your arm. It has been specifically designed to fit most arms (23-43 cm or 9-17”)...